As the leading advocate for business in San Francisco, the Chamber provides leadership and takes action on the issues important to business. Take advantage of our programs and resources to connect with lawmakers and stay abreast and engaged on the policy issues impacting your business and our city.


Advocacy Events

Monthly Programs

The Chamber provides information, analysis, and programs to keep members informed of public policy issues and connect with elected officials and civic leaders at the local, state and federal level.

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Delegate Trips

Chamber partners help shape public policy and share the business perspective on our delegate trips to the local, state, and federal capitals.

We also host educational, best-practices trips to similar cities around the world.

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Legislative Agenda

With San Francisco’s laudable economic success comes challenges of affordability, mobility, growth and other issues. We work to advance an agenda that supports economic sustainability, as well as attract the talent and visitors that will help keep our city strong and prosperous for years to come.


San Francisco’s political and regulatory environment is complex. Explore each issue to track what we’re working on at the SF Chamber and learn about the policies impacting your business.

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